Bethany Church Center is an evangelical free church that lies in Central Jutland in Blåhøj.
The church is in affiliation with the Danish Pentecostal Churches and with
May you attend church events?
It is not necessary to be a member of Bethany Church Center, to take part in the church services, or any other activities the church offers. Bethany Church Centers activities are open to everyone.

The Church Service starts at 10:00AM at Sundays.
The 1st and the 3rd Sunday, each month, the service starts with a breakfast buffet. During the service there will be church for children, with the age of 3-12 years.

”Bethany Church Center aims to be an inclusive community that wishes to convey our faith in Jesus. We will serve Jesus and be his followers. All this, we do to worship him.” 

Built on the gospel of Matthew 22, 34-40 and 28, 18-20.

Values in Bethany Church Center.

We see a community that is:
? Inclusive towards all generations.
? Showing care for each other.
? Comfortable to be in.

We see the provision of faith:
? That builds on the word of God, The Bible, Love and Grace.
? That is real and trustworthy with respect for every individual.

We see services:
? Where individuals use, and develop their God-given potential to build up each other, and to promote the Kingdom of God.
? That are all equally important.
? That builds on Integrity, Faithfulness and Love.

We see followers of Christ:
? Who act on the visions and spiritual gifts that God has bestowed upon them.
? Who are firmly established in the faith of God’s word.
? Who are role models and inspire others to become followers of Christ.

We see worship with:
? The freedom of creative expression.
? Focus directed towards Jesus.
? Time and Space for the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Weekly Program of the Church (Subject to change)

Monday – Friday, Prayer 9:00-10:00AM

Monday 19:00 – 21:00PM, Rock Solid, teenageclub (12- 16 years)

Tuesday 18:30 – 21:00PM, TheBlaahoejClub, Leisure club (From 3rd grade and up)

Wednesday 10:00 – 12:00AM, Lunch Group, Togetherness, Lectures, Music and Songs (For All – Bring Packed Lunch)

Thursday 10:00 – 12:00AM, Hearthknit, Knitting/Crocheting (Everybody)

Thursday 19:00 – 20:30PM, Royal Rangers Scouts.

Thursday 19:00 - ? PM, Elevate, Youth Church (Not always on Thursdays) (16 years and up)

Friday in uneven weeks 3XF Musicians, play together day (All who can, bring instruments)

Sunday 10:00 – about 12:00AM Church Service (Translation to English will always be an option)

Sunday about 10:30 – 12:00AM Church for Children


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Bethany churchCenter (Betania KirkeCenter)
Blåhøj Stationsvej 27, Blåhøj
7330 Brande
Phone: 75345322 / 30485322